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The Dwyer Company is your trusted source for foundation repair, concrete lifting, and waterproofing services for your home. We offer a vast array of residential structural and foundation services:

Foundation Repair

  • Steel Piering
  • Helical Pile
  • Bowed Wall Repair
  • Wall Straightening

Concrete Lifting

  • Slab Jacking
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Foam Grouting


  • Exterior Drainage Systems
  • Interior Drainage Systems
  • Leaky Crack Repair

Our Residential Services

  • Concrete Lifting

    Raise Your Sunken Concrete with Dwyer’s Slabjacking Systems “Can we give you a lift?”   What is Slabjacking? Dwyer Concrete Lifting’s unique Slabjacking process raises sunken concrete slabs back to their original elevation. Dwyer’s Slabjacking Service is fast, clean and efficient. Our unique service costs 1/2 to 1/3 the amount required to tear out and [...]

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  • Basement Waterproofing

    Basement Waterproofing Services Protect Your Wet Basement with Dwyer’s Water Management Systems PROBLEM:Wet Basement, Drainage Problems, Water Seepage, Leaky Cracks Common Areas Water Can Enter Your Basement: 1. Floor Cracks  2. Cove (Floor & Wall) Joints  3. Under The Footing 4. Over The Footing  5. Foundation Wall Cracks  6. Window Wells Some of the most common causes of water penetration are from: Hydrostatic Pressure Cracked or [...]

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  • Bowed Walls

    Stabilize Your Bowed or Leaning Walls with Dwyer’s Tie Back & Pilaster Systems.

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  • Foundation Repairs

    Stabilize Your Home’s Foundation with Dwyer’s Patented Steel Piering System PROBLEM:Settlement Damage to Foundations, Walls, Chimneys & Floor Slabs SOLUTION:Dwyer’s Patented Foundation Repair System – Steel Piering What is Steel Piering? Dwyer’s patented foundation repair system, steel piering, is used to stabilize and/or raise the foundation of your home or business, while preventing further vertical [...]

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  • Helical Piles

    Dwyer’s Helical Pile and Anchor Systems Dwyer’s team of foundation repair professionals lift and stabilize residential and commercial foundations.  Dwyer is an exclusive installer for Magnum Piering – an industry leading manufacturer of high capacity steel piering and underpinningsystems.  Dwyer’s systems for foundation repair or reinforcement are helical piles and helical anchors. Depending on the foundation design of your structure and the underlying [...]

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  • Leaky Cracks

    Repair Leaking Cracks in Concrete Walls with Dwyer’s Polyurethane Crack Injection System Dwyer’s Polyurethane Crack Injection System Our Crack Repair Service stops leaks in . . . Poured Basement Walls Basement Floors Poured Retaining Walls What is Polyurethane Crack Injection? Dwyer’s Polyurethane Injection System seals large or small cracks to prevent water from coming through. [...]

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Few investments in life can be as important as those made in your residence or commercial business. Dwyer understands this important reality, and we have several financing options available to fit your needs.

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