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Bowed Walls

Stabilize Your Bowed or Leaning Walls with Dwyer's Tie Back & Pilaster Systems.


  • Bowed, Bulging or Leaning Walls
  • Bowed or Bulged Walls
  • Block Wall Repair
  • Block Wall Damage
  • Interior Wall Cracking
  • Cracks in Floor
  • Separated or Uneven Floors
  • Water Leaks

Dwyer's Steel Tie Back & Pilaster Systems

What is a Steel Tie Back?
Dwyer's Steel Tie Back System stabilizes bowed or bulging block or poured concrete walls. A concrete anchor system is positioned outside the wall, and a high-strength steel rod connects the anchor to a steel backing plate on the inside of the wall. Tension is applied to the rod, and the wall is moved and/or stabilized, and no additional bowing or bulging will occur.

In certain circumstances, a bowed or bulging wall can be straightened towards its original plum position. Exterior excavation on the outside of the wall is required to accomplish this. Ask your Dwyer estimator for additional information.

What is Steel Pilaster?
Dwyer's Steel Pilaster System also stabilizes bowed or bulging block or poured concrete walls. Steel Pilasters are pre-engineered steel beams that are placed vertically along the length of the wall at predetermined locations. They are anchored at the bottom to the wall footing and at the top to the floor framing system. Once securely in place, the Pilasters will prevent any additional bowing or bulging of the wall.

Dwyer's Tie Back and Pilaster Systems are installed quickly and cleanly, with most jobs completed in 1 or 2 days.

Steel Pilasters stabilizing bowed and bulging walls.




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