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  • Dwyer can assist with all aspects of engineering design, certification, drawings and specifications.
  • Dwyer can provide Design Build Services for projects of any size.

Time Tested & Performance Proven in the Field for over 35 Years!


The Dwyer Company, Inc. is a geotechnical and structural specialty service company. Dwyer offers design/build solutions for the deep foundation, earth retention, shoring and underpinning industry. Dwyer’s team of professionals are ready to assist you on projects of any size and commit your project wil be finished on time and in budget.

Dwyer’s commitment to quality and safety is our #1 priority. Dwyer specializes in Micropiles, Helical Piles, Rock Anchors, Push Piers, Soil nails, Slabjacking, Underpinning, Shotcrete and earth retention systems. The Dwyer Company has been time tested and proven performance in the field since 1973.


Deep Foundation

  • Micropiles
  • Helical Piles
  • Steel Pier
  • Rock Anchors
  • Drilled Piers
  • Hollowbar Piles

Underpinning & Structural Repair

  • Foundation Repair
  • Micropiles
  • Helical Piles
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Settlement Control
  • Structural Support
  • Push Pier
  • Grouted Jack Piles

Earth Retention & Shoring

  • Soil Nails
  • Rock Anchors
  • Helical Anchors
  • Shotcrete
  • Excavation Shoring
  • Tie Backs

Additional Services

  • Slab Jacking
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Sinkhole Grouting
  • Concrete Lifting

Commercial Services - Dwyer Company

Our Commercial Services

  • Helical Pile

    High Capacity Round Shaft Helical Piles Dwyer’s patented Helical Foundation System provides a cost effective and permanent solution for new construction foundations, retention wall tiebacks, soil stabilization and utility anchor applications. End Bearing / Friction Composite Pile Cost Effective Proven Methods No Excavation of Spoils

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  • Slabjacking

    Lifting Sunken Concrete, Void Filling & Soil Stabilization Slabjacking or the lifting of sunken concrete is the genesis of The Dwyer Company, Inc. Dwyer has been recognized as the leading slabjacking service company in the U.S. Dwyer’s unique slabjacking process raises sunken concrete back as close as possible to its original elevation. After drilling a [...]

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  • Pressure Grouting

    Soil Stabilization Services Lifting Sunken Concrete, Void Filling & Soil Stabilization Dwyer has been recognized as the leading slabjacking service company in the U.S. Dwyer takes great pride in its fleet of state-of-the-art mobile pressure grouting pumps. Dwyer’s pumps are in a class by themselves when it comes to pumping large volumes of grout at [...]

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  • Shotcrete

    High Pressure Spraying Application of Concrete Shotcrete is a high pressure spraying application of concrete used to apply concrete to irregular shaped & hard to reach locations. Dwyer’s powerful mobile shotcrete systems make it possible to complete large projects quickly and economically. Nobody does it better. Dwyer’s Shotcrete Service Can Repair Any Concrete Surface – [...]

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  • Shoring / Underpinning

    Commercial Shoring & Underpinning Applications Excavation Support Slope Stabilization Foundation Underpinning Build Outs Additions Parking Garages Retaining Walls Temporary or Permanent Shoring Dwyer Specializes in the Following: Confined Space Limited Access Low Overhead Clearance Low Noise & Vibration Requirements Contaminated Soils

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  • Micropiles

    Micropiles are high capacity, small diamerter (3″ to 12″) drilled and grouted in place. Piles designed with steel reinforcement to primarily resist structural loading. Micropile Design Procedures Geotechnical Analysis Specify Load To Be Supported Design Pile – To – Structure Connection Design Pile – To – Soil Or Rock Load Transfer Specify A Pile – [...]

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  • Rock Anchors / Soil Nails

    Excavation Support Soil Nails create an insitu reinforcement system for the stabilization of excavations & slopes during top-down construction. Oversized holes of 4″ to 10″ in diameter are drilled and the centralized soil nail is placed. The drill hole is then grouted. After the drill hole grout is cured, the soil nails may be torque [...]

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  • Helical Tiebacks / Anchors

    Retaining walls often times fail due to shifting & moving soils. Dwyer’s pre-engineered round-shaft anchors provide tremendous tension & lateral support, and our anchors can be grouted for even greater support. Once the helical anchors are installed to the proper length, threaded bars and plate steel caps are used to secure the anchor to the [...]

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  • Epoxy Injection

    Commercial Polyurethane & Epoxy Injection Sealing & Repairing Cracks In Concrete Dwyer’s concrete restoration professionals have sealed and repaired cracks in customers’ concrete – when pouring new concrete was thought to be the only solution. Cracks In Your Concrete Can Be Fixed Even With Active Leaking Cracks in concrete develop for any number of reasons. [...]

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Few investments in life can be as important as those made in your residence or commercial business. Dwyer understands this important reality, and we have several financing options available to fit your needs.

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