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Lifting Sunken Concrete, Void Filling & Soil Stabilization

Slabjacking or the lifting of sunken concrete is the genesis of The Dwyer Company, Inc.

Dwyer has been recognized as the leading slabjacking service company in the U.S.

Dwyer's unique slabjacking process raises sunken concrete back as close as possible to its original elevation.

After drilling a few small diameter holes in the sunken slab, Dwyer's slabjacking system fills the voids beneath the slab and then lifts it as close as possible to the original elevation. Once the slab has been lifted, the holes are filled and patched.

Nobody does it better.

Dwyer takes great pride in its fleet of state-of-the-art mobile pressure grouting pumps. Dwyer's pumps are in a class by themselves when it comes to pumping large volumes of grout at extremely high pressures.

Our superior pressure grouting technology and our 25 years of experience makes Dwyer the #1 choice for taking care of your slabjacking, void fills, and soil stabilization requirements.

Your Biggest Grouting Job is No Problem for Dwyer!

Pressure grouting to lift sunken concrete and cracked walls.

Don't Replace Your Sunken Concrete

Let Dwyer's slabjacking professionals lift & level your concrete slabs back to their original position - at 1/2 the cost of replacing them with new concrete.

Fast - Economical - Guaranteed

  • Machine Bases
  • Warehouse Slabs
  • Streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Garages
  • Industrial Floor Slabs
  • Bridge Approach Slabs
  • Office Buildings

No other company has the resources, knowledge and experience to tackle the big concrete lifting and leveling jobs - like Dwyer does!

Lifting sunken concrete at parking lots, warehouses, streets, garages and much more!




Few investments in life can be as important as those made in your residence or commercial business. Dwyer understands this important reality, and we have several financing options available to fit your needs.

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